This is Life!

Volume 1, Issue 2: May 10, 2020

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In this issue...

This issue is about what life consists of in the eyes of the student creators. We all know that life has it's ups and downs, but we are always able to overcome obstacles and become stronger than what we were before. There is plenty of opportunities to create and write using our experiences in life!

Middle School

What Is in Life? by Coral

I used to be hyper, full of too much energy

But now I try to slow down and not burst at the seams; that’s tough

I used to be hot headed, unable to control my feelings

But now I try not to breathe fire; that hurts

I used to be the youngest, with only a big sister

But now I am always stuck in the middle; that’s annoying

I used to not really care, was blinded by living in my own fantasy world

But now I try to keep my eyes open, and help everyone and everything;

that’s love

I used to have a longing to speak, but held back in fear of being wrong or


But now I know you must sing out if you want to be heard; that’s determi-


I used to let my fears hold me down and not let me be free

But now I try to learn about them and rise above them; that’s bravery

I used to be younger, just a little girl

But now I am older; i’m not so little; that’s life

Your Monthly Chuckle

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High School

Finding Care in Quarantine by Amanda

I nervously waited in my car after I received the orders from my doctor to get labs done. I hadn’t heard of people going to the doctor on the news and it certainly wasn’t recommended by the CDC. Nevertheless, I know that there are problems that can’t wait for the coronavirus to end.

The familiar front of the Curve Crest clinic was blocked off and reserved for patients with possible coronavirus and respiratory illnesses. The doctors who spoke to me on the phone repeated adamantly that I was not supposed to go to the main exit. Across the entrance were signs pointing us to the specialty clinic, and littered across the parking lot were more signs directing us. I can’t imagine how dangerous it would be to go into the testing center; it must be crawling with germs.

Before we went into the building my mother and I put on our masks. I’m lucky enough to have a father who works at 3M and makes respirators for a living, so I had some old sample masks on hand. To think that medical professionals, who have a better chance of coming into contact with the virus than I do, are forced to go with unsafe alternatives is horrible.

As I walk to the door, the glass of the door is covered in papers warning us of which exit to use. Right in the entrance, a nurse speaks to us behind a homemade mask, asking us what we were here for. As I looked around the room I realized I had never seen a waiting room so empty. Bright blue painter’s tape marks the floor in an x shape in front of the reception desk. Only one nurse sits behind the desk with a mask and we step towards the mark on the floor. Instead of coming up to the desk, we stay three feet back from the desk. She checks us in, but surprisingly she doesn’t take my insurance card or driver’s license. I was used to the strict security measures to keep doctor-patient confidentiality. The usual waiting room is spaced out so no two chairs are together and I wait alone for the nurse.

When the nurse calls my name she brings me back to an unfamiliar room. This is the first time I had ever been alone for a blood draw. Normally the blood draw room is sectioned off into little cubicles for each patient. The nurse who did my blood draw obviously had to touch me, so no precautions could be taken to keep from spreading the virus. But the thing I learned at my visit is that health care workers will always find a way to adapt. No matter how severe the situation gets, our community will always find a way to survive.

In StoryArk: Brick By Brick

Interview by Norah

What is the official name of the group?

Brick by Brick

What are the group members’ names?

Ellen Eigner - director

Norah Naatjes

Kendall Arsenault

Lauren Olson

Henry Sween

Austin Sween

Are you involved in writing, podcasts, skit, etc?


What has the group been working on?

They are working on a fiction piece called “Distortion”. They started 2 years ago. The plot revolves around the government kidnapping people with special bionics to make the so-called perfect human.

How did the members find this group?

Norah - Ellen was my 4th & 5th grade English teacher

Kendall - I was approached by, elementary teacher, Ellen Eigner

Lauren - StoryArk writing intensive

Henry - Ellen approached me at the end of elementary to ask me to join the group

Austin - Ellen was a former teacher and I was intrigued

What do the members like about the group the most?

Norah - How well we work together

Kendall - How we are all good friends

Lauren - How everybody goes with the ideas

Henry - A place outside of school and interact and good way to keep involved with writing and English

Austin - That we are all friends

What is the group’s biggest accomplishment?

Talking about the book at the ceremony and developing the characters and concept of their book

What would you say is the biggest weakness?

Running out of ideas

What about your strengths?

We all work well and communicate together

What is the member’s favorite part about writing?

Norah - The sensation of writing a story

Kendall - Creating worlds and sharing things from my mind

Lauren - Control about the writing

Henry - The way you can express yourself and be creative

Austin - Getting into the story and being creative

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This Week On Covid

From Peyton: An Ode to Tapioca

"What does life mean?" questions the inexperienced to wise masters that have lived longer years. This pair of voices with much to share echo back her in words wrapped in their cheers.

I offer to you the lingering scent of a lover left adrift in the air long past her leave, the

calm morning after the storm where eyes burn but all is safe and well, and the warmth

left in hearts and hands once a sweet embrace has been broken.

Speaks the first, a young woman whose heart is on her sleeve as a token.

I offer to you the wealth of feasts gifted from those above, the sun’s rays as they stream

in through glass panes and the warmth they bring, and the peaceful rise and fall of the

chest as someone you love sleeps soundly in the bed you share.

Speaks the second, a cat-eyed woman whose feline features hide her care.

We offer to you a winter’s morning spent wrapped in blankets and each other, the rest

rightfully won after a day away from comfort and couch, and the companionship of a

creature who will never leave your side.

Speaks both women, arms held open and smiles wide.

Life means this, begins the once inexperienced who now sees the light, the never ending love

shared between the human and the not, a woman and her cat companion.

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