My goals

Aden Duckett, 5th Grade,2015-2016

My math Goals

Some of my math goals are to practice rounding decimals and fractions and some ideas I can look at that will help me are dreambox,flash cards,and also study island
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my Reading Goals

Some of my goals in reading are to practice reading words carefully,reread words,and also speak really excellent while reading,Read more books,and play reading games,succeed more on my reading test's,study reading,and do better on my reading map test

Science Goals

Some of my science goals are learn new science stuff,ask more questions,do more experiments,use more details when writing conclusions,hypothesis,and communicating

Personal Goals

One of my personal goals are to excersice at football,the gym,and also at home.Some other goals I want to meet are be a good brother,help my mother,help my parents,use respect,take care of my sister and my cousin,get smarter,be more athletic,and finally learn more at school

Social Studies Goals

Some of my social studies goals are to practice naming the definition for the the word,practice social studies for map testing,and also naming years that have important stuff
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Family Goals

Some of our family goals are to be a great family, all ways use respect,listen to each other,and also have a good conversation

Personal Goals 2#

Some other ideas of personal goals I think of are to play new sports,get really smart in school,read thousands of books over like breaks out of school,go to a lot of vacations,and finally but not least make a lot of friends