MAY 2 - MAY 13

Teacher Appreciation Week.
Testing is going great. Big thanks to our testing team for being flexible and putting up with technological difficulties. We're almost done!

MON. - I'll be gone all day.
No staff mtg.
4th & Kinder will do math curriculum review
TUES. - Dental Sealants - gr. 1 & 2
Staff mtg., - 3:45
3rd & 1st will do math curriculum review
WED. - 3rd gr. goes to Ag Expo
FRI. - 4th gr. field trip to IF museum
Kindergarten registration
5th gr. Fun Night, The Hungry Games

May 9
MON. - Julee and I at dist. mtg. 1-3:30
TUES. - Admin. and Dist. RTI all day, Linda T. gone in the pm
2nd gr. field trip to Pocatello
WED. - Team ldr. mtg., 7:30
THURS.- CPT - Teacher Appreciation Lunch
FRI. - RTI/Collaboration, all grades, finalize plans
DeMary Library presentation, all grades, 2:45