Laura Ingalls Wilder

by Joy

Who Was Laura Ingalls Wilder

First, Laura Ingalls Wilder was born on February 7,1867 Laura’s dad was named Charles and her mom was named Caroline. Laura had a big sister named Mary, a little sister named Carrie, and Laura had a baby sister named Grace. Laura had a bulldog named Jack. Laura’s dad told spooky stories and she liked his spooky stories. Laura’s dad also played the fiddle. Mary (Laura’s sister) was blind. Laura’s husband was named Almanzo. Laura’s daughter was named Rose. The whole fell down with malaria (Malaria means noxious exhalations that can cause a fever). Befor Laura was a writer she was a teacher. Almanzo died in October 23, 1949 at age 92. Laura died in February 10, 1957 at age 90.

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What Did She DO

First, Laura’s first book was published in 1932 and at the same time Little House in the Big woods was a Newbery Honor Book in 1932. Laura was important because she made books about her child life so children could read about her.Laura mead six more books about her family's life as pioneers and Laura also mead books about her husband Almanzo, called Farm Boy. One of Laura’s books was called Little House on the Prairie.

In 1947,Laura’s books inspired the long-running television show and they made Little House on the Prairie a famous T.V. show.

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Impact On The World

First, Laura made books about her life as a pioneer

so children can read about her. Second, Laura made life and learning, easier for children,and because she a teacher too. Teachers help kids learn,read,and spell words. If teachers didn’t help kids learn,they won’t be smart. Teachers are a big impact on the world.

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Should We Be More Like Them

First, We should be more like Laura because she made books about her life,and kids inspire her. Laura was loving,caring and,fun. She was loving because she loved her family, and her husband and,children. She was caring because, she worked and helped to pay for Mary’s schooling for blind kids.

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