March 22, 2019

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Knoxville CSD Make-Up Days

In case you missed it: Here is our plan for make-up days as of 2.26.2019. All calendars have been updated on our website to reflect the schedule changes:

As a reminder, our 2019-2020 Academic Calendar is also posted to help you plan for next year.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa @ the district office at 641-842-6551 opt. 1 or

Notifications for School Delays & Cancellations

In order to receive notifications regarding weather cancellations and/or delays or changes to district activities, please subscribe to the GovDelivery service. Signing up is easy at: Screenshots are pictured below of the subscription process. If you need assistance, please contact: or 641-842-6551 opt 1.

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2019-2020 Knoxville CSD Calendar

Library News

The West Elementary Library would like to thank the following for helping make our book fair a huge success!

Jessica Metz, Holly Burkhart, Tracy Reynolds, Holly VanWyk, Carol Brown, Renee Marshall, Daphne Pearson, Nicole VanderLinden, Bailey Nichols and Casie Vernon

Your help makes the book fair run smoothly! Thank you!

If your child had a book that had to be ordered from the book fair and has not received it yet, there is a good reason as the books are coming from Omaha, Nebraska which is dealing with major flooding. Please be patient. We will send books home as soon as they are received.

From the Northstar PBIS Team

Northstar Students Taught Behavior & Social Skills

Each week Northstar elementary students are taught a social skill and a school-wide expectation. These skills are reinforced throughout the week by all the staff in the building. If you want to reinforce the social skill of the week at home, follow our Facebook page Northstar Elementary. We post the social skill of the week every Monday morning!

Examples of Taught Social Skills: Getting the teacher’s attention, greeting others, asking for help, appropriate voice tone, accepting “no” for an answer, making an apology, disagreeing appropriately, working with others, accepting compliments, etc.

Examples of School-Wide Common Areas: Hallway, lining up, lunchroom, bathroom, playground, and bus.

6th Grade Science News - Crayon Rocks

Earlier this year, the students learned what is needed to form sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks using crayons.

After the "weathering" process of rocks breaking into smaller pieces. Below are a couple of sample picture models showing some of the similarities and differences of sedimentary (pressure/water) , metamorphic heat and pressure), and igneous lots of heat and pressure) rocks when they are formed.

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Driver Education

Driver Education is offered at Knoxville High School through Triple ‘R’ Driving School. There will be two summer sessions offered:

  • The 1st summer session will begin Monday, June 3rd and conclude on Saturday, June 15th. This session will include classroom hours every day (Mon-Fri) for three hours (8-11am).
  • The 2nd summer session will begin Monday, July 22nd and conclude on Saturday, August 3rd. This session will include classroom hours every day (Mon-Fri) for three hours (8-11am).

Registration forms are available HERE, in the high school office, or can be accessed from the website Mr. Grimm & Ms. Bolton will be the instructors for this course.

Families who wish to enroll their student should complete the registration form and return the bottom portion to the high school or middle school office, or mail the registration form to the address listed on the form.

For those families who qualify for free or reduced tuition, please indicate that on the bottom of the registration form you turn it (write “free” or “reduced” on form). As a reminder, in order to receive the free and reduced benefit, students must take drivers education through the school affiliated provider (Triple ‘R’).

If you have any questions concerning the summer driver education program at Knoxville High School, please contact Ryan Rump at 319-470-6975, or e-mail

Senior Alert - Upcoming Scholarships

List of scholarships due in March in order of deadline:

If you have any questions about the scholarship process, or any other part of your journey, give us a call at 877-272-4692 or email

Rec Center Spring Deadlines

Spring Soccer for 3-5 years and Kindergarten-First Grade deadline is Wednesday, April 3 @ 9:00pm. Games will be Tuesdays and Thursdays between April 23 and May 9 on the Recreation Center grounds.

Elementary PTO

To Purchase & Customize Your Yearbook

Must be a parent or student 13 years or older.

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your school’s passcode: 1015064502971783

Regular Price: $18.00 Deadline: Apr 9

Marion County Public Health

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