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November 2018

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From the Principal's Pen

Middletown Families,

I want to take a moment to thank our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and PTA president, Lauren Russ, for designing a fantastic Fall Family Fun Night this year! I also want to thank our countless families and volunteers who make events such as these, and the Career Day this week, a possibility. Together, we make powerful memories and provide meaningful opportunities for our students.

Next week, students will participate in our fall Book Fair, so don’t forget to stop by the school and look through the library with your child. We will also be hosting three Grandparent Days, where loved ones or relatives can come and share a Thanksgiving lunch with their student. Please note that regular lunch times are changed during the week, and see the attached schedule for days and times of your student’s Grandparent Lunch.

The registration period and application window for new students to begin next year is open and will remain open through December 19. If you know of any family who will be going through this process next year, please feel free to call our office at (502) 435-8300 for assistance with registration. We will be hosting a Prospective Student Open House on November 27 from 5 to 6 pm for any prospective parent wanting to find out more information about Middletown Elementary.

I want to thank you again for partnering with Middletown and our staff. We look forward to many exciting opportunities this fall as we discover the brilliance in every student!


Justin Matson

Ms. Mettling's Systems & Facilities Updates

“The 7 Habits foster more than character traits and leadership skills that are necessary for success in students’ personal lives, education, and future careers. The habits develop positive, principle-driven behavior from students who know how to lead themselves and others. By exposing students to these vital skills and allowing them to practice the skills starting at a young age, the likelihood that the students will continue to use these skills as they get older increases. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood that students will be productive and competent, ethical leaders.”

—Dr. Chantal Ishola

As we approach the holiday season, many families look for ways to help others in need. If your family’s time is limited, consider just one or two projects a year and make them a family tradition (for example, making and donating gifts or gift baskets to care facilities for the elderly around the holidays, or helping a neighbor with yard work).

Why should your family lend a helping hand?

  • It feels good.

  • It strengthens your community.

  • It can strengthen your identity as a family.

What can children learn from volunteering?

  • A sense of responsibility—Children learn about commitment, to be on time, do their best, and be proud of the results.

  • One person, one family can make a difference—Children learn that they and their families can have an impact on someone or something else.

  • The benefit of sacrifice—Children learn that there are important things besides themselves.

  • Cooperation and unity—Children learn that working together as a family can unite the family and that two heads are better than one.

  • Job skills—Children learn about fields that may help them decide on future careers.

  • How to fill idle time wisely—Children learn to use time to help others.

Ultimately, children learn that we're all responsible for the well-being of our communities. Whatever community service you choose, your community and your family will benefit.

Mr. Meinecke's-Counselor's Corner

Thank you to all parents and community volunteers that gave up their time to meet with students and participate in this year’s Career Day/Fair at Middletown. This was such a valuable and positive experience for our students. They were very engaged and showed genuine interest in the various career fields represented. We want to make this a yearly event, so if you were unable to participate this year, there will be more opportunities to be a part of this event in coming years.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the services I provide please feel free to contact me through email at chas.meinecke@jefferson.kyschools.us or by phone at 485-8300.

Ms. Morris' Academic Goals

MAP Testing

In August/September, your child took the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment. MAP is a computer adaptive test that students take two to three times a school year. As the student responds to questions, the test responds to the student, adjusting up or down in difficulty. This assessment is a tool that will help your student’s teacher provide instruction in targeted areas. MAP testing data will be used, in conjunction with several other measures, to determine what your child is ready to learn and to check for academic growth over time.

After each MAP test, results are delivered in the form of a score that reflects the student’s academic knowledge, skills, and abilities. Think of this score like marking height on a growth chart. You can tell how tall your child is at various points in time and how much they have grown between one stage and another.

In the two weeks following Thanksgiving, Middletown students will be taking the MAP Reading and Math test for the second time this year to measure their academic growth. Each test takes 45 to 60 minutes. On the day your child takes the test, it is important to get plenty of rest the night before and be present and on-time for school. If you have questions about the day your child is taking the test, contact your child’s teacher. It is also important that you take time to speak with your child’s teacher about how you can help at home. It is essential for families and teachers to collaborate to help promote this growth in every student! We look forward to working with you to help your child grow.

Supporting Learning at Home

Our school has a subscription for students in grades two through five to a research-based standards mastery program called Study Island. Study Island is completely web-based, which allows students to access the program from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard Web browser. Study session results are automatically recorded for teacher review, including results from sessions completed outside of school. The program is divided into sections based on subject (math, reading, etc.). Topics are accompanied by a lesson, which contains a brief overview of the material covered in that topic. Students also have the opportunity to do practice questions that will support their learning in the classroom.

Students in kindergarten and grade one have access to the programs Reading Eggs and Math Seeds. These are also web-based programs which can be accessed from any computer or device with internet connections. These programs allow younger students to practice literacy and numeracy skills from home on a trusted program.

Each student uses these programs at school a couple of times a week as part of their math and reading instruction. We are excited about the benefits these programs can bring to our students, and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity at home to support their learning. If you need your student’s login information or help navigating the programs, contact your child’s teacher.
We had a great time passing out free pizza coupons for every student who met their reading goal last month. We look forward to doing it again each month this year! Read, read, read! Read aloud to your children early and often. You will not only build their vocabulary, you will also build a love of reading. Make reading a priority. Spend some time reading every day. By reading yourself, you are showing your child you value reading. Have students read to relax before bed. Sign your student’s reading log daily, and return it at the end of each month.

The Hite/Middletown Family Resource Center

HMFRC Mission: “To mobilize and coordinate students and family-focused activities at times and in locations appropriate to their needs. Through the creation of a local source of information and support, the HMFRC will strive to support students and their families in order to overcome barriers to achievement. By providing this support, the center will assist children to reach their full human potential as caring, competent, lifelong learners who contribute to the community in a positive manner.”

Middletown Gives Back!!!

During the upcoming holiday season, we will make a special effort to assist some of our students and families through our Holiday Assistance and Blessings in a Backpack programs. Read below to learn how your family can help Middletown Give Back.

Our Holiday Assistance Program matches student and families in-need with sponsors willing to help. We do not take requests for large-ticket items, such as video game systems. We estimate the average cost of sponsoring a student to be in the range of $100 - $150.If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please see and download the flyer attached below.

Our Blessings in a Backpack Program provides food packages on Friday afternoons for students, but unfortunately, they are not provided with additional support ahead of long weekends/holidays/breaks from school. We are asking for donations of supplemental food, such as, fresh fruit or fruit cups and/or other ready to eat non-perishable meals that young children would not have trouble making for themselves, please see the below for a list of needed items.

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Educational Benefits Form

Middletown Elementary is one of 128 JCPS schools participating in the Community Eligibility (CE) Provision under the National School Lunch Program. The CE provision is directed toward schools with a high percentage of economically disadvantaged students. Under CE, all students receive a breakfast/lunch at no charge for the entire school year. However, to determine eligibility to receive additional benefits for our students and to determine funding for our school, we need ALL Middletown families to complete the Educational Benefits Form (EBF) every year. One per family is fine. If you have already submitted the form, thank you! The EBF is used for not only data-collecting purposes but also to identify students who would be considered for fee waivers as well as free and reduced-price meals. Some families may prefer not to disclose financial information; if this applies to you, there is check box in both the hard copy and the electronic copy of the form where you can elect not to disclose, but remember, by filling out the form, you are helping your child's school receive additional funds, we are only 180 forms short!

You are now able to fill the form out online at https://jcps.me/ebf. For more information you can also click here.

I am also available and more than happy to help you fill this form out over the phone, or I can send a hard copy home. Please let me know and I will send it home with your child. All you have to do is return it to school when you have completed it.

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HMFRC Compliments, Concerns, Questions or Suggestions...

The HMFRC is always looking for volunteers and donations; if you have items (we are especially in need of sweatpants) to donate, feel free to send them my way.

My office door is always open, please come visit me Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can find me at Hite Elementary.

The Center’s hours are 8:30am-4:30pm.

email: elvira.paguada@jefferson.kyschools.us

Phone: 502.313.4504 (M, W, & F) or 502.313.4473 (T & Th)

Follow the center on Social Media:

Facebook: @HMFRC Twitter: @HMFRC Instagram: @HMFRC


Extracurricular Activities


Be on the lookout for this after school program for girls in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade! Girls Who Code aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science. Middletown Elementary is joining the movement to close the gender employment difference in technology and change the image of what a programmer looks like. More details to come...

Dance at Middletown

Featuring Fortnight Dances with a Professional Twist


  • When: September 6th—May
  • Time: Thursday’s 3:45-4:45(Parents must be at the front of school by the office unless the child attends cep)
  • Ages: 3rd-5th Grade
  • Attire: Comfortable clothing that allows the body to move (no skirts please) and tennis shoes. Absolutely no bare feet or flip flops. The children will be allowed to change after they have reported to me in the gym.
  • Cost: $40.00 per month, due the first class of the month. Payment for each month is $40 regardless of the duration of the month. Please make all checks payable to Casey Ross-Russell. To ensure registration the deadline will be August 26th
  • Download registration form below; please mail registration forms with payment to: Casey Ross-Russell 5407 Highpoint Dr. Crestwood, Ky. 40014


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5th Grade Exhibition Night

Tuesday, Nov. 27th, 5:30-6:30pm

218 North Madison Avenue

Louisville, KY

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