Henry Ford

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Henry Ford's Career

  • Early Childhood : Henry Ford received a watch when he was 13 and he learned how to take it apart and put it back together and by the age 15 he could repair almost any watch. He started making tools when he was age 15 too!
  • Accomplishments : Henry Ford made the Model T Car. This car was the best invention ever made, this car helped people travel without using a train, bike, wagon, and horse.
  • Important Events : In July 30th, 1863 Henry Ford was born, 1908 Henry Ford created the Model T Car, Henry Ford Married Clara Tla Bryant in 1888, 1903 Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford sadly died in April 7th, 1947 at Dearborn, Michigan.
  • Fun Facts : Henry Ford's first Company was a major FAILURE. Henry Ford hated the unions. Henry learned how to repair a watch at the age of 15! Henry made his own tools.
  • Conclusion : Henry's trait character trait was Smart he was smart because he learned how to repair almost any watch at age 15, Made his own tools, Most of all made the Model T Car.
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