Homeward Hounds

Hounds for the Homebound, Group 6

Our Issue

Homebound senior citizens can become lonely in their everyday lives. This issue is very important because 40.3 million citizens are seniors. Therapy animals can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase activity, and help with depression. We would like to bring therapy animals to the homes of these people and let them enjoy their time with the animals. In return the animals can be loved on by human beings. This is our cause!


Hounds for the Homebound

How Can You Help?

Homeward Hounds Dog Festival

Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 10:30am

Woodway Park Green Trail

Waco, TX

Bring your dog to the park and enjoy dog races, speeches, food, a variety of booths, and a chance to adopt a grandparent! The entry fee is $3.

Other Ways to Take Action

Besides going to our amazing event you can donate pet food, volunteer your dog to go to a senior citizen's house, or even have train your dog to become a therapy dog.

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