My community is my friends

By: Sophia h-f

Why my community is my friends

My community is my friends because they are the people that I spend the most time with besides my family which of course are also a part of my community as well just not the part I am talking about, my friends are apart of my social community and are a big part of my life. My best friend Lucy has been my best friend for about a year now and I'm not really sure how I met her I think we literally collided in the hallway once and started to be friends because of it crazy way to become friends right! I know but some of the things that I do with my friends are hang out outside or we FaceTime or we text (snap chat mostly) or we go to the mall or just plainly embarrass ourselves but we do it all together and that's one of the many things that makes friends, friends.

When I am outside in my neighborhood

What do I do in my community? When I am outside in my neighborhood I am usually with my friend Cadee and we go to a park close to my house or we go to my friend Ricky's house or we look at her bunnies and laugh at each other for doing weird things and we take selfies a lot of the kids in my neighborhood know each other and we play outdoor games and stuff together or we climb trees. what makes my community important to me? is that I have my friends close and that its closer to north than to south. Three pictures that I have of my community are above. ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

Frequently asked questions old am I? Answer:11 going on 12 in June many siblings do you have? Answer:2 I play any sports? Answer:yes basketball and swimming

4:who is my best friend? Answer:Lucy

5.whats my favorite color? Answer:light blue and gray

6.whats Lucy's favorite color? Answer:she doesn't really have one she likes to many

7:what's my favorite book? Answer:The divergent series

8:what is my favorite thing to do outside? Answer:Talk to friends

9:what's my favorite park or place in Answer:the mall

10.who is my favorite teacher? Answer:Ms.juell and Mrs.amundson