Jared Warner

What type of business organization is Evoshield?

Evoshield is a private corporation thus stockholders cannot purchase part of the company. A benefit to this type of corporation is that the original owners/entrepreneurs still own and run the business. Another benefit to this type of corporation is that the owners still gain all profits and don't have to share profits with other stockholders.

The story of Evoshield

Evoshield was founded by multiple former athletes from the university of Georgia, one being Justin Niefer. They all had many injuries throughout their careers in sports over their lives and they came together and wanted to create products to prevent some of those injuries from occurring to others. In 2007, Evoshield first began selling it's products and began use in professional sports very quickly. Major League Baseball players Cody Ross and Josh Hamilton were given these products and they liked them very well and Evoshield began to spread.

Some of The great products

Evoshield has created many popular products that all major league teams use. These products include a molding wrist protector, a batter's leg guard, a catchers thumb guard, a compression back and chest guard shirt, and protective batting gloves.
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Would I invest in this company?

I couldn't invest in this company because it is a private corporation. I would if i could because they are a fast growing business and i believe i could make money.
I found my information on Evoshield.com in their history section. to learn more about them just go to the website.