Come to the Dark Side...

... we have clients

Tips and Tricks

Imagine yourself walking on a beautiful hill surrounded by flowers and the wind slowly touches your hair, stroking your face gently. Close your eyes and feel the smell of hope and beauty. Then, suddenly, POW!!!! KAPLOOOOWWW!!!! Dark!! Darkness everywhere! Aaaaargh, the paaain, the horroooor!!! But wait, what is that? What is thaaaat? Oh, whew, it's a Project Manager. Thank God!!! Look at that wonderful creature descend holding a light!

Make sure you always let the client know what happens in the darkness around him
, so he can advice or take measures. What if you would be near a zombie apocalypse? Wouldn't you like to know?

Let the client know if you receive any information from the translators regarding their texts and do let them know if you foresee any delays (yes, make sure to always check progress on their translations and if you are there, do also make sure you ask translators if they found any fishy things in the texts they have translated). The clients will surely appreciate it. What can happen? They will either grant more time or in the worse case scenario they will yell but hey, they will know about delays.

Pass on all information to the client and be an E.T. with glowing finger, be the light at the end of the tunnel, you have the power!
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We are happy to announce that 3 new PMs will finish their training on Wednesday. These are Teodora, Nida and our little Ana Bondoc. Whohooo! Keep them busy y'all!

On another note, we are warmly welcoming Maia Iris in this world. Iulia Ban gave birth on the 5th of June to a lovely 51 cm healthy lady with black curls.

Fun stuff

For the scientist in you, check out these 40 things you didn't know about your brain.

A small present

As we are having the beautiful topic of darkness, here is a lovely wallpaper for you. Ah, I just kid you. Here it is.
How about naming this little baby we just gave birth to? Any suggestions, do get in touch with Deli.

See you next time! (maybe)
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