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One Nation, One heart.

Message from Colonel Geva Rapp.

Dear friends,

Baruch HaShem, we have received so many blessings!

Operation Protective Edge (in Hebrew Tzuk Eitan, translated literally, "steep cliff") in Gaza is now winding down and I will be heading back home soon.

These are elevating days for our nation, difficult yet great.

Our sages taught us that Geula, redemption, will come about in stages - a little at a time. Am Israel is growing with each stage of our salvation.

We, the commanders and fighters of the IDF, as well as the leaders and citizens of Israel are reaching new heights. In truth, we have faced these difficulties before and are now just relearning and rebuilding what we once had mastered. Among our people there is more love and unity than ever before, and more heroism and willingness to sacrifice everything for the nation, including life itself. There is more recognition of the fundamental truth that we go to war for Kiddush Hashem, the sanctification of G-d's name, and that our enemy fights to bar us from our mission as the Jewish People, namely to carry out G-d's will in our world.

Tzuk Eitan is a war of goodness and kindness against evil and cruelty, a war of light and enlightenment against a people of attack tunnels, indiscriminate missile firings and violence directed to its own civilians, and a war of an ethical and holy nation against a barbaric and brutal terrorist group. There is an understanding that this is a continuation of an unjust world war in which generation after generation of enemies have tried to destroy the Jewish People. We saw this in the days of the Holocaust in Europe and we see it today, with many nations supporting Arab terror with funding, weapons and media attention.

In Tzuk Eitan, like our people as a whole, Panim el Panim has risen to a new level. During this conflict we have strengthened the fighting spirit of our IDF soldiers with Torah and words of Emunah (faith). Our teams of scholars and Rabbis have engaged, both independently and within the IDF Rabbinical system, with delivering food and supplies to the soldiers, leading solidarity missions in Israel's south, connecting communities (especially children) from all over the world to our soldiers by delivering personal letters of Chizuk. We have given Shiurim and Torah literature to soldiers near the battlefields and in supporting bases and facilities throughout the country. On top of that, our Rabbis have joined Battalion Shabbatot and lead prayers, made Kiddush, shared Shabbat meals, run Ongai Shabbat (Sabbath celebrations) given Shiurim - WONDERS!

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, both as a fighter and commander, for being our partners in this great endeavor!

Col Geva Rapp, LA Stands With Israel

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