diamond thomas


  • Focus on reducing wealth disparities , unemployment and inflation.
  • An ability to make good use of land, labor, and resources as well as avoiding excess or insufficient production
  • Industries, redistribution of wealth, social security schemes, minimum wages, employment protection and trade union recognition production


  1. Socialism works by the social system under which the necessary of production are owned, controlled and administer by the people for the people
  2. Socialism is the collective ownership by all the people of the factories, mills, railroads, land and all other instruments of production
  3. Individuals are to work as appendages to tools owned by someone else.
  4. The people sell products and with the money they sold they products with they buy what they want
Socialism is Good (english subtitles)


People say that socialism is bad because it is condescend, or it inefficient because it makes economy calculation impossible. Well that's wrong because we have a lot of good things about socialism economy. we have child care, and space exploration and etc.


Socialism is a great economy because they are not controlled by the government they buy and sell things they want. Socialism have free graduate level education, universal health care. We promotion of the arts and sports. Socialism have safety net for the elderly and infirm and protection of workers from exploitation