Their Road to Perseverance

By: Adityadatta Joshi

Michael Jordan

Just because he dominated on the court it doesn't mean that Michael had a perfect life. From 1991-1993, Jordan had won 3 championships in a row. After he won his third championship, he faced great adversity. James Jordan, his father, was murdered. Michael Jordan was extremely morose that the person that inspired him wasn't there for him anymore. Now, Michael had a choice; continue to play basketball or to retire. He thought about this in great detail and he finally decided that he would retire and play baseball; the sport that his father wanted him to play. After 18 months, Jordan returned to the NBA spotlight and continued dominating the sport. Despite his father's tragic death, Michael Jordan still had that mindset to play the sport he loved. He didn't stop playing even though his father passed away. "I failed over and over and over again in my life... and that is why I succeed"-Michael Jordan

Gritty Rosa

Rosa Parks; a Civil rights activist who showed grit. On December 1st, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, an incident happened that is still remembered today. Rosa Parks was on a bus which was separated in two groups; the white side which was in the front of the bus and the black side which was at the back of the bus. Rosa Parks was a black lady. When Parks entered the bus she sat towards the front. As soon as everybody loaded the bus, James F. Blake, the bus driver, checked for the correct seating arrangements. He noticed that one black woman was sitting in a white passenger's spot. The bus driver told Rosa to move and go to the back of the bus but she refused to do so. Rosa Parks showed grit because she fought for Civil rights and the liberty for the black people.

Baseball and Basketball

Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan are two athletes that showed perseverance through out their careers in sports. Both men had different ways to manage through their difficulties. When Jordan's father passed away, he was heart-broken. Eventually, he did find a way to persevere; he still continued to play basketball and remembered his father for the good things he did. He lived on to make basketball history. On the other hand, there was Jackie Robinson. People hated him because he was black and he wasn't excepted in the league. He still followed his dreams and became the first black player to ever play in the major leagues.

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: what goals do you want to achieve

Step 2: make plan on how to achieve goal

Step 3: Act on plan and stay determined to continue on your path of perseverance