DHS Update March 18, 2020


From Mr. Hatfield

Please see www.csdecatur.net/covid19 for district updates

Hey y'all,

First, I'd like to say a huge thank you to

  • Our assistant principals, custodians, maintenance workers, and nutrition workers who have been at DHS the last few days making sure that everyone has what they need to be successful in the coming weeks
  • Our counselors and support staff for are making sure students and families are cared for
  • Our teachers for are making sure students are able to continue learning
  • Our office staff and paraprofessionals for helping us communicate and check in during this closure

Thank you for everything you've done and are continuing to do in support of one another. As of 5 pm today, Decatur High School is closed to all non-essential staff and visitors, with the exception of students coming in for meals. Here are some implications of that closure.

Picking up your stuff

Until school reopens, we are no longer able to grant access to DHS in order for you to retrieve your belongings. Please do not ask to access the building during meal distribution times. These requests will be denied.

Requests for physical copies of documents

If you need to request a physical copy of a transcript you may do so, but please know that our timeline for turning around these requests will not be fast. Certificates of Enrollment must be printed and notarized. We cannot email them. We are, therefore, suspending requests for Certificates of Enrollment.

Stored Medication

Today was the last day that Nurse Fletcher was at the high school to return medication. If you need to request medication, please email her at hfletcher1@csdecatur.net. Again, we may not be able to handle your request.

Access to Facilites

All Decatur High School facilities are off-limits to families and students, including the field. We understand that many kids want to get out to work out and play and we sympathize, but we cannot allow use of the field.

Take care, everyone. We're going to continue to do our best on behalf of all DHS students. I'll be in touch regularly throughout this closure.

Support from DHS Counseling

Please click this link to see their presentation.

Access Checks

All first period teachers are currently completing access checks with their students. We need responses to this simple Google Form for all students at DHS so that we can confirm everyone is able to participate. Please help us make sure all students have responded to this form. For your convenience, the url is pasted here (https://forms.gle/xJMKwHcSUMLVW4rG7)

Physical Copies of Work

We have some physical copies of assignments for the first two days available in plastic bins outside the media center lobby entrance of the high school.

Meals for Students

Meal distribution will begin on March 18. The Nutrition Department will provide all students the option to pick up two meals a day from Decatur High School. These meals will be a cold breakfast and shelf-stable lunch. The program is open to all City Schools of Decatur students. We are unable to extend this meal service to siblings who are not CSD students, parents/guardians, or the general public. Meals will be available for pickup daily 9:00am-11:00am. Students may only pick up two meals (one breakfast and one lunch) per day and may not purchase additional meals. The CSD student must be present to pick up their meal. To avoid lines and to adhere to social distancing best practices, we ask that you take advantage of the full window for pick up. Families will not be allowed to linger after meal pick up.

All meal prices will remain the same as a typical school day and all approved free and reduced lunch applications will be honored. It is unclear whether this is something our students will take advantage of; we will evaluate this program throughout our closure to determine if participation is high enough to continue or require modifications.

Questions or Needs During the Closure

Please reach out to the appropriate counselor or administrator according to the table below.

The district has created a form to submit questions regarding COVID-19 so we can ensure we are addressing the things you want to know. Please submit your questions at http://bit.ly/CV19Q. We will issue updates at least once a day via email and our website (https://www.csdecatur.net/covid19) and our other communication mechanisms as more information becomes available.

Big picture

Plans for work going forward

As mentioned in my March 13th update, teachers had until the end of today, Tuesday March 17th, to plan supplemental instruction for students. This approach was taken at all CSD schools. Administration is checking in on these plans to make sure that appropriate assignments are provided over the next seven school days. If your student is not seeing work for one or more classes, please have them reach out directly to their teachers by email. Over the next several days, we will be working to make sure that all students have access to instructional materials in preparation for assigning mandatory work, beginning Friday, March 27th. By then, we will communicate how we will grade student work in the event of a closure that lasts beyond Spring Break.

Starting Friday, March 27th, you can expect to see

  • Students being assigned mandatory work in all of their classes
  • Teachers assigning work that will be graded
  • Some assignments that were paused last week picking back up where they left off

Starting Friday, March 27th, you should not expect to see

  • Expectations for students to follow the DHS bell schedule from home
  • Expectations that teachers follow the DHS bell schedule from home

Our teachers and our students are wearing many hats right now. Many of our teachers are not only teaching their DHS students, they're also homeschooling their own kids. Many are also taking care of family members in other ways. Many of our students have responsibilities to younger siblings and other family members during the day, as well. We will create a system that sets reasonable expectations of our teachers and students that gives all students rich learning opportunities.

Financial Procedures Paused

All student and family-related financial procedures, including class dues payments, are paused. As we learn more about the length of our closure and our plans for future events, we will determine how to address dues that have not been paid and potential refunds for dues that have been paid.

We have a limited number of yearbooks still available for purchase at jostens.com.