Amanda Hartman

Impact of Christianity in Europe

Prosecution of Christians in the Roman Empire was horrible. It started because the romans were polytheistic and the Christians were monotheistic. And the romans also thought that they were cannibals because they ate the "body' of Christ and drank the "blood' of Christ. But in reality it was just bread and wine. Roman wanted control of too. So, before they were prosecuted they gave the Christians a chance to accept the roman gods and they could live but the Christians did not. They chose to die still believing in their savior.


The Christians were monotheistic, which means they only believe in one god. They had a holy book called the Bible, it was a huge book. their savior was Jesus, who was born on Christmas eve December 24. Their holy lad was Jerusalem. They believed in heaven and hell, If you did good things in life you go to heaven but if you do bad things in life you go to hell. But they believed that Jesus was forgiving. And they followed a code of laws called the 10 commandments, it's a way of living.

Protestant Refermation

A monk from Germany was angry with the church for selling indulgences. He wrote out the 95 thesis using the printing press to show people that the way of the church is wrong. He had 3 teachings, they were: Salvation comes through faith, the Bible if the source of all knowledge, and the church is not directly connected to God. So, people started to believe him so, he re-wrote the Bible into a language people could understand, also using the printing press, and it was more clear to everyone.


The crusades were a holy war between the Christians and the Muslims. they fought over the holy land, Jerusalem. There were many of these wars and they were dumb. They accomplished nothing, but they opened up trades.