Gifted Parent/Guardian Workshop

Meeting Social & Emotional Needs of Your Gifted Child

You are invited to join us for a workshop that will focus on how we can Ignite Bluefish Pride in meeting the social & emotional needs of your gifted child!

We will define the social & emotional needs that are unique to gifted teens and will explore various resources and strategies that will encourage meeting these needs. This is also an opportunity to meet with other parents/guardians in our gifted community. To directly link to our LMS Gifted Blog, scan your mobile device on the QR code to the right!

9:30am-Great Neck Middle School, Room 222

The Lynnhaven Middle school gifted community will join the Gifted Resources Teachers and parents/guardians of gifted teens from Virginia Beach Middle & Great Neck Middle Schools! If you cannot attend and would like information to be sent home regarding the social & emotional needs of gifted students, please contact Mrs. Colohan by calling Lynnhaven Middle or via email!

Please RSVP via, by visiting , or by leaving a message for Mrs. Colohan @ 648-4850.