all about me

by Jacob

my family

I live with my family witch is my mom my dad and my two sisters Genesis and Abby.They encuouge me to do a great job and I like that .I go through hard times but they help me get through those time. My family keeps me safe so I don't get hurt. I can't live without my family or els I will not be safe like I said I'll just be on the streets all alon,so I'll keep em. Every day I have a good time with them. I am realy thankful for my family.


An important memory to me is when my family went to Califonia to see our cousins over there .But befor we got to the house, we went to this candy store but it whas no ordinary candy store they said there was over 2,000 candys and it was a gas station!


My goal is to become an astronaut. The way I am going to become an astronaut is I will finish my college year and then I will try to sign up for a liaisons to become an astronaut and get to practicing. Wish me luck.