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Dec/ Jan 2013

Goings on...

Hi! I hope this finds you well! Today in Cambodia marks 100 days since the King-Father's death. I can hear canons down at the river front being shot as part of the ceremonies. Millions have been expected to descended upon the city to make appeal for good fortune, to what Khmer buddhists believe is the King Father's spirits last day on earth. Yesterday churches were told to sing only quiet songs, and I've had a quiet 4 days of no teaching, which has been a lovely break! Below is an update since I last wrote in November....

Highlights of December...

~ Wonderful times spent with the above precious kids who keep my life so busy in Cambodia.

~ And see other pictures below

And January...

Thanking God for

~ Clarity from Him over next year: I've extended my contract with Asian Hope to June 2014 (full time)!! I will also be taking from now until December to look into other ministries I may get involved in part-time next year (see the video at the bottom for one exciting village project of Asian Hope I'm praying about being involved in!)

~ Time with 16 yr old S from House of Faith: we've written a song together in memory of her house Father who passed away a few months ago. She said, "Now we've written this, I feel like I can move on." She will perform it at our school Talent Show in 2 weeks.

~ Art time with 20 year old T from House of Faith... continuing to try and encourage her in her walk with God (see below).

~ The strength and wherewithal to continue leading Logos women's Bible study and prayer groups.

~ 18 auditions for this year's 'Inspire' (lit. 'God-breathed') Talent Show.... incredible talent

Needing Prayer For....

~ Being hidden in Jesus: Need constant closeness to God in this place to have the strength necessary to do what He's called me to. The cultural stress, hot climate and 6 day work weeks wear me out.

~ Spiritual protection for believers: Chinese new year last week meant my landlords performed buddhist ceremonies all weekend in the grounds of my house (see picture below). Many kids I teach were involved in such ceremonies with their families. Chinese buddhist practices are becoming popular here.

~ Kids hungry for God: 24 kids out of 26 in my class now confess to be confident believers in Jesus! 11 of them are without a Bible at home. I was able to buy some for them with money you've donated : ) These kids are mostly from Buddhist families. Please pray for protection and wisdom as I decide whether to have them keep the Bibles at school or home.

~Talent Show 'Inspire' (March 1st) - as above. Please pray for hearts to be impacted, and wisdom as Kristi and I organise it.

Thank you for walking with me in this! Your prayers, support and encouragement keep me going.

Much love


Video - Asian Hope's Village Development Program (the ministry I may get involved in part-time next year)