The Dust Bowl

Learn how to prevent The Dust Bowl

How the first Dust Bowl Started

The first Dust Bowl started by a drought they had in the 1930s. It was really bad, that when it would come over you, you could put your hand in front of your face and not even see it!

As the nation sank into the Depression and wheat prices plummeted from $2 a bushel to 40 cents, farmers responded by tearing up even more prairie sod in hopes of harvesting bumper crops. When prices fell even further, the "suitcase farmers" who had moved in for quick profits simply abandoned their fields. Huge swaths of eight states, from the Dakotas to Texas and New Mexico, where native grasses had evolved over thousands of years to create a delicate equilibrium with the wild weather swings of the Plains, now lay naked and exposed.

How could another Dust Bowl happen

It's hard to know whether another ecological disaster on the proportion of the Dust Bowl will happen again. Nearly 90 percent of the arid land in the continental U.S. is in varying levels of desertification due largely to over farming and draining of groundwater. If another period of high winds and low rainfall were to strike the U.S. Plains, it is possible that another Dust Bowl could occur. Some scientists believe that adopting more dedicated soil conservation and sustainable agriculture practices could help prevent another Dust Bowl.It would be HORRIFYING for another one to happen. But there are also some things you have to do if you dont want it to happen again. One thing you have to do is keep the soil rich/healthy. A second thing you can do is fertelize the soil.

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How to prevent another Dust Bowl

We can prevent the Dust Bowl from happening again by taking good care of our land, we didn’t take go care of in the first place, only using it for a cause, that was why the soil didn’t get very rich no more, and began to care less for it. So future farmers has to not only used their land for profit, but also give it love.

The children that are learning about the Dust Bowl can also give off some information and by spreading the terrible event by writing letters or doing ads and online web quest so that everyone can know about how to stop, listening, and absorb in what they should do and not do.

How to keep the soil rich/healthy

How fast the organic matter breaks down depends on three things:

Soil organisms: animals (earthworms, beetles, termites, other insects), microorganisms(bacteria and fungi too small to be seen with the naked eye),and plants. (If there are many of these organisms, the organic matter willdecompose quickly.)

The physical environment: the soil texture, temperature, moisture andair. (Organic matter decomposes slowly if the soil is dry, for example.)

Quality of organic matter: Woody stems and waxy leaves break downslowly