Black Death Gazette

Diego Grizzle

William The Conqueror

Biographical Info

-William The Conqueror was also known as "The Basterd"-Born in Falase, France in 1027-Died in Rouen, France in 1087-As he was king, he was a strict but wise ruler, as the kingdom grew, he made England the most powerful nation in Europe

Memorable Moments

-When he gained control of the throne in 1064, he conquered two neighboring provinces-He helped shape Englands fuedal system, this made it where the king had complete power instead of the nobles-conquered the Anglo-Saxons-Took surveys to help create a good central tax system


-Helped Charles VII become king of France-Shaped englands fuedal system-defeat Anglo-Saxons-made it to where the king would be in charge instead of the nobles


- "I was born by two unmarried now im known as...The Basterd"

King John

Biographical Info

-King John was born in 1166 and died in 1216-He lived in England for most of his life-Overall, he had a bad character because he wasnt a good ruler, which led to a lot of rebellions against him

Memorable Moments

-he accepted the Magna Carta, if he didnt, he would have been killed by his own people-accepting the Magna Carta made him havr to fallow the rules that his people had to fallow-he tried to kill his father Henery II and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine