let's STEP into STAR!

Team Nelson, November 2014

Thank you!

Hello and HAPPY NOVEMBER!! This month has always been my favorite month of the year, but even more so now that I'm a Stella & Dot stylist - this is THE month to do amazing things! Let's be honest, it will be hard to top October for this team - a DOUBLE promotion, and more commission and free product & business supplies credits in your pocket! We are now a Senior Stylist team and I couldn't have done it without EACH of you! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I love being on this journey with you!
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"Come, quickly... I am drinking the stars!" - Dom Perignon, on tasting champagne for the first time.

November is officially here and our stars on this team have aligned - I'm setting a goal for this team to hit STAR stylist in November! I know we can do it, and I am going to be right alongside you all through the booking, the sponsoring conversations, and the 'selling on the go' that we are known for!

There are three levels of gifts you can earn! I want to reward you for your efforts! And there is something for EVERYONE! Want all THREE gifts?! Climb all the way to the top!

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One of my favorite, can't live without products will be your reward for hitting level one, or selling $1500 in November: The Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette! The rose gold shades are perfect all year round and you will sparkle like the little star I know you are!


Keep toasty with these LOVE gloves from C. Wonder! I will send you a pair of these gorgeous and SOFT gloves for hitting level two, selling $2500 in sales in November!


HELLO sparkle! Level 3 is all about adding to that fabulous arm party for the holidays - for hitting $3000 in sales, I will gift you this sparkly idiom "All That Twinkles" bangle from Kate Spade!

Want all three prizes? STELLAR seller, or $5000 in sales, will get you ALL 3 GIFTS!

Are you ready?!

You have all the inspiration you need to SPARKLE - so now let's talk about how to get there!

1. Take a good, hard look at your calendar. How many shows do you have? I always say that the Stella & Dot math never fails - set your goal first, and then let's use the trunk show formula to figure out how it will work!

2. BOOK! Reach out for the holiday season - it's a lot easier to say YES to a trunk show so go out there with all the confidence in the world, reminding your potential hostesses that shopping at the mall, with the crowds and wine-less, is just not nearly as fun!

3. Love your trunk shows, big & small! I am a huge proponent of hostess coaching - not only does it help you get a better turnout, but more time spent talking to your hostess can lead to more trust & collaboration, which can lead to blossoming friendships (at least one of you knows what I mean by that!) and maybe even someone who will want to join you on your Stella & Dot journey! Which leads me to my next point...

4. Share the love! When I went to Hoopla in July, I looked around the room at the 3,000 other stylists there, and I realized how powerful it is that we come from all walks of life and we were in that room for totally different reasons - and that was so beautiful in itself! I decided then and there that I don't know why women DON'T do this - and when I talk to potential stylists, I say the same thing. Why NOT?!

5. Have FUN! As our fearless leader Kelly Wenzel says, there are no jewelry emergencies! Just have a great time and love your business, your jewelry, the people you are meeting - whatever it is you love most, find a way to expand that and GO FOR IT!

Keep checking our Team Nelson Facebook page for tips and everything you need to be successful this month! LETS DO THIS!

Allison Nelson, Senior Stylist

I am going to be reaching out individually throughout the entire month to help you set your goals - and achieve them! We are a STAR-studded team and I can't wait to see what this month will do for your business!