Washburn Elementary School Update

January 2023 Edition

Dear Washburn Families,

This message is from Principal Gray and I hope all is well with you. Here is to an amazing 2023 school year!

NWEA testing will happen this month across the district. Your child's scores from this winter testing session will provide teachers with a snapshot of your student's growth from the testing session in September. This data will help our teachers identify learning gaps and help them teach your child better.

Our students will have a long four day weekend as we will have a Teacher Workshop Day on Friday, January 13. Students will also have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day off on Monday, January 16, 2023.

Please read below for updates on our brand new Book Vending Machine as well as the revamped Washburn Food Pantry.

Lastly, I have also included Washburn's Remote Learning Plan as well. Please remember that remote days will happen only after we have used three snow days. As of January 11, 2023, our district has used one snow day, so we have two left.


Principal Erik Gray

Important Dates for January 2023

  • January 12 - Band Concert @ 6:30 pm at Auburn Middle School
  • January 13- Teacher Workshop- No School
  • January 16- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School
  • January 25- Early Release Wednesday
  • January 27- Washburn Family Movie Night! @ 5:30 pm

Attendance Matters to Washburn Elementary School

We take attendance very seriously here at Washburn Elementary School. When our students are in class, they achieve. We have set some very high goals for our students this year and our school wide attendance goal this year is 90%. I am very proud to share that from 8/28/22 to 1/9/2023, our average school wide our attendance rate is 93.5%. This percentage includes 'Excused' absences for illness, which is great!

Remote Day Expectations for Washburn Elementary School

Washburn Food Bank Update

We are incredibly excited to announce that the Washburn Elementary School Food Pantry will be up and running this week! The Food Pantry will send food with some of our students (not all) on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. If you have interest in receiving food during these scheduled times then please reach out to Maggie Luce (mluce@auburnschl.edu). Also, if your family receives a bag of food and you wish to opt out of receiving food in the future please let us know. Thanks!

Here it is! The Washburn Book Vending Machine!

It is finally here! Here is our Book Vending Machine. We have it proudly displayed at the front entrance of our school. We are readers here at Washburn and we value books. The vending machine will also help us celebrate our students for demonstrating positive behaviors, following our code of conduct, and being the best students they can be. Everyone is excited to get these brand new books into the hands of our students! We will post pictures of our book winners on our social media page and in our newsletters. I expect we will have book recipients in the February edition, so tune in!
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