Ruins of Delphi, Greece

By Jacob R.

The Location of Delphi, Greece

The beautiful Ruins of Delphi is located near the holy mountain named Parnassus that soars high above the Gulf of Corinth. The land is just a hundred miles northwest of the Athens.
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The Description

This beautiful archaeological site is surrounded with pine forested slopes as well as rocky crags. It has complex buildings from both the temples too. The name Delphi came from a god worshiped in the form of a dolphin called Apollo Delphinios. Delphi also contained the Delphic Oracle which was the most important oracle in the Greek world. This amazing site is also known as the center of the universe and has the omphalos stone which marks the exact center of the universe.
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The History

Just like any early community it started out slow and had some tragedies along the way. For example the two temples that stood before the Temple of Apollo were both destroyed. The first was burned in 548 B.C.E. and the other was destroyed by an earth quake. But with the help of hosting the Pythian Games, it gave them a little boost. These games were the showcased talents that god approved of and brought competitors from all over the Greek world. With all the people coming to Delphi these games were the result of Delphi's political rise. This rise allowed their "Golden Age" that lasted until 191 B.C.E. Unfortunately in 398 A.D. emperor Theodosius abolished the Oracle of Delphi leaving no use for the temples, leaving them with nobody to keep them maintained.

The Greeks

The land of Delphi was sacred to the Greeks from all over Greece. Delphi was also sacred to the religion of worshiping gods and goddesses. Mainly the goddess Gaia which was know as the earth god and the powerful Apollo. Around 362 C.E. towards the end of the Delphi era Christianity became the main religion and they all became Christians. Some people say that the Christians bribed the oracle to say that their god would no longer speak and guide them.
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Why Delphi, Greece was Sacred

The Greeks from all of Greece found Delphi to be a very important place for two reasons. The first reason was because it was home to the famous Delphic Oracle. Many people all over Greece admired the oracle because it could tell the future using the Sacred Spring that released vapors into the air. The main reason for Delphi being found as sacred was because it was known as the center of the world. Legends say that Zeus released two eagle into the air from different ends of the universe, where ever these birds met would be known as the center of the universe. The two eagles crossed each other directly over Delphi, Greece, in a result giving Delphi the name of The Center of The Universe. The point at which these two birds crossed is know as the Omphalos or the Omphalos stone.