The Tango

Payton C and Haley P

Who performed the Tango?

Originally it was just street performers but then moved into the ballrooms.

Where did people originally perform the Tango?


Do people in other countries perform the Tango?

Yes, the Tango is generally performed around the world.

When is the Tango performed?

The Tango is performed in mostly social gatherings.

When and by whom is the Tango performed today and for what reason?

The Tango is performed in Tango dancing circles and commonly in social gatherings.

Does the Tango have a structure?

It is danced to in 16 or 32 beats. The Tango is meant to make a connection between the two dancer and the audience. There is a lot of body structure and placement; arms, feet, hips, chest.

What are the major features that make the Tango unique?

The Tango is a sensual ballroom dance to make connections.