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What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or opposition. It's when you don't give up and push through the adversities. As an example, if you're running a race, the last sprint is hard, but you persevere through it and get to the finish line. Some people have a better/bigger reason to persevere which is why some people persevere while others don't. Other people may have stronger character traits that help them to get through the adversities.

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Leroy and Dartanyon are pretty similar. They aren’t brothers, but they both rely on each other like they are. Leroy needs Dartanyon to get around, he lost both of his legs from an awful train accident. Dartanyon needs Leroy to help him read and see, he is legally blind and can only make out shadows and shapes. Both of the boys parents weren’t always there for them when they needed them. They both wrestled in highschool but went their separate ways after. Leroy has a family and Dartanyon moved on to judo for the Paralympics in London.
Carroll Academy has helped kids who needed it the most- the ones with awful adversities. Some students have alcoholic parents or their parents are using drugs. Others have criminal records. Some people ran away from their home while others didn’t even have a home. One girl even had bipolar depression and would rage at any slightly maddening situation. Carroll Academy helped all of these kids out. They taught the students the same things as the students at the local high school were learning and eventually let them off and go to it when their hardships weren’t as hard. Throughout all of these problems the students were facing, Carroll Academy helped them.
On January 31st, Jackie Robinson was born. He was a second lieutenant in the United States Army from 1842 until 1944. After that, Robinson joined the all-white Montreal Royals in 1946. The Royals were a farm team that went into the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie get signed onto the Dodgers and played his first game on April 15, 1947. His batting average was an impressive .342 later in the 1949 season. Robinson helped the Brooklyn Dodgers to win the World Series in 1955. His baseball career finally ended on January 5, 1957. Jackie Robinson died in 1972 in Connecticut. His life is still an accomplishment and has changed American Sports forever.

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Learning from Perseverance

From the perseverance of others, we can overcome our own adversities. We can use the examples to know what to do or what not to do. Also, it will give us all confidence when we see someone else accomplish our own goal. When one person does the right thing, others will follow and learn. You could work together and learn together and get through the adversity.