Contemporary Music Project

Things to Include for a Great Project


Include the following in your presentation:

i. State composer/group (2)

ii. State title of the song (2)

iii. What type of music it is: rock, country, pop, classical, jazz, etc. (2)

iv. Give short background description of composer, artist, or band (5)

v. List instruments used in the song (as many as you can). If there is an instrument you are not sure about, try to at least find out the name. Ask me if you need some help. (5)

vi. Include three photos (6)

vii. Include a video. (6)

viii. Where did you find or first hear this song? (2)

ix. Why do you like it? (10)

x. Make a smore flyer to use during your presentation and hand in the URL. (10)

You will be graded on how well you answer each of the questions listed above. Make sure that you answer all the questions!

Due May 20

We will set up a presentation schedule around May 16. Presentations will begin on May 20. Please plan to present for 5-8 minutes including the time to listen to 1-2 minutes of the song you have chosen.