Push Factors in Migration

Rachel Sheffield

Religious Persecution

A. China

B. Christians are migrating from China because although the constitution is said to have "religious freedom," Christians are treated very poorly and not protected. The government does not allow land for building Christian places of worship, as well as assaulted for their beliefs.

C. Christians in China flee to the United States in order to escape the persecution.

Ethnic Persecution

A. Iraq

B. Black individuals in Iraq are ethnically persecuted. They are denied many things such as identity documents, right to education, and are forced to live in poverty. They are outcasts despite their population of about 2 million.

C. The persecuted in Iraq usually migrate to Europe or Africa.

Environmental Factors

A. Countries of Sahel

B. The countries of Sahel faced severe drought, drying out all of he rivers and lakes. The high temperatures only added to the unbearable climate. The conditions made the area inhabitable.

C. The people migrated to Bashika and the countries on the coast of Africa.

Economic Motives

A. Mexico

B. People migrate out of Mexico because of the poor economy and lack of available jobs. The jobs available do not pay well, so even having a job is not sufficient.

C. Mexicans often migrate to the United States.

Political Factors

A. Cuba

B. Cubans migrate away because of the dictatorship that their country has. It is very controlling and unwanted by the citizens.

C. The people of Cuba migrate to the United States of America, especially Miami, Florida.

Forced Migration

A. Libya

B. Black African migrant workers were being forced to migrate in order to block attacks as well as drop the European economy. Colonel Gadaffi was trying to keep his power and avoid being overthrown.

C. The individuals were forced to migrate into Europe and seaports.