Benjamin Franklin

A Remarkable Man

Early Life

Benjamin Franklin was remarkable his birthday went down in our history. His birthday was on January 17, 1706. Franklin did many in things in his early life. One day he wanted to swim but he was not excellent at it, so he made a pair of paddles to improve his swimming. This and many things showed that he was very interested in the natural world. Dr. Franklin went to the Boston Grammar School. When his father had to send him to collage he could not afford to do so. Ben and his father decided that Benjamin would work at his father’s workshop, making soaps and candles. Even though Benjamin did not finish school he still learned many things on his own.

Middle Life

Benjamin Franklin worked in various printing jobs and by the age of twenty-four he had his own print shop. Then one day he had a trip to Boston to a convention center. Benjamin saw a man make electrical fire he was very interested and decided to buy all the equipment. He wanted to learn all about the force he had just observed. Ben made many great analysis. One day it was very rainy so he made a perilous experiment. he got a kite and a key. He made a great discovery. Benjamin Franklin got worldwide honor and got honorary college degrees.

Later Life

Benjamin Franklin was elected to the state house to take a place in the recognized Continental Congress where he met George Washington the first president of the United States. The Inventor Benjamin Franklin worked with George Washington for a couple of years but then Benjamin Franklin retired. Benjamin Franklin was a meaningful person in the lives of many others. Ben did many things during his life but was still happy in his eighty–four year old body. Even though Benjamin was old he still spent his time searching to resolve unanswered questions. Mr. Franklin died on April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


As Benjamin got older his vision was not that good so he fabricated Bifocals so his vision would improve. Another accomplishment Benjamin had done as his great electrical experiment. Dr. Franklin was also well known for inventing the glass armonica, and the lightning rod, the Pennsylvania fireplace, including the three wheel clock. These are only some of Benjamin Franklin’s greatest inventions.