Poland world cultures project

by addie segal

Background info

Polands' national name is Rzeczpospolita Polska. As their media choices they use telephones, broad cast media, and internet.
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geography and travel


form of government: democratic republic

current president: Andrzej Duda

type of government: democratic republic

Citizen rights/responsibilities: have human rights, no death penalty, have freedom of expression, female have equal rights

UN: Poland is a member of the United Nations


Name of Currency: Poland uses Polish Zloty as their currency.

Current Conversion Rate: The conversion rate is $1.oo to 3.93 PLN.


  • Machinery and equipment
  • Textiles and footwear

  • Metals and metal products

  • Machinery and equipment

  • Minerals and fuels


  • Machinery and equipment
  • Fuels and minerals

  • Chemicals

  • Textile and products

  • Metals

  • Agricultural products

GDP per capita: last recorded at $11304.62 US dollars in 2014

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Social and Ethnic Groups:

Ethnic/social group information:

  • Polish 96.9%
  • Silesian 1.1%
  • German 0.2%
  • Ukrainian 0.1%
  • other and unspecified 1.7%

Educational System:

  • Primary starting at age 6
  • Middle School at age 12 and are taught Polish language, History, Civic Education, two Foreign Languages, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Fine Arts/Music, Technology, Information Technology, Physical Education, Religion or Ethics

Upper Secondary Education last 3 years

Religion, Language, Country Flag

Religion Information: Poland is made up of mainly Catholic followers with small percentages of others. See the breakdown below.

  • Catholic 87.2%
  • Orthodox 1.3%
  • Protestant 0.4%
  • other 0.4%
  • unspecified 10.8%

Language Information: Poland primarily speaks Polish.

  • Polish 96.2%
  • Polish and non-Polish 2%
  • non-Polish 0.5%, unspecified 1.3%

Country's current flag/information: The Poland flag consist of bands of white and red. The color of white stands for peace and morality and the color of red stands for endurance, gallantry, vigor and bravery.

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Traditional Holidays or Festivals, Traditional Clothing and Food:

Traditional holidays or festivals:Juwenalia celebrates a city's students. This event usually occurs towards the beginning of summer (May or early June). It is a time for students to let loose, take over the city, and have fun.

Traditional food/recipes: It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef, winter vegetables, and herbs. It also uses of various kinds of noodles and cereal or Kashi.

The Polish national dishes are

  • bigos
  • pierogi
  • kiełbasa
  • kotlet schabowy - breaded cutlet
  • gołąbki - cabbage roll


Population density: Poland has 124.08 people per square kilometer of land area.

per capita income: In Poland, the per capita income in United States dollars was $23951.99 in 2014.

ethnicities of your country:

religions of your country:

The religions in Poland break down to Catholic 87.2%, Orthodox 1.3%, Protestant 0.4%, other 0.4% and unspecified 10.8%

languages of your country: Polish is the dominate language with almost 97% of people speaking it.