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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, October 4th from 4:00-6:00 and Thursday, October 5th from 8:00-8:00.

We do not have school on Thursday, October 5th OR Friday, October 6th.

Calendar for Graber Special Events & Field Trips

Below is a calendar of current events for Graber!

We are in school on Columbus Day and Halloween!

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Did you miss the Watch DOGS kick off? It's not too late!

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Halloween Parade: October 31st

Once again, we are going to allow the students to wear costumes to school for the first hour of the day. Parents are invited to join us at 8:00 on Tuesday, October 31st when we will hold an all school parade followed by juice and a snack in the classroom. Following the refreshments, students will be asked to take off their costumes and the learning for the day will begin. Costume participation is optional for students. Students should come to school in their costumes with clothes underneath. Please follow these guidelines when choosing a costume for your child:

· Participation is optional. Students are not required to wear a costume.

· No make-up or hair color will be allowed. Masks may be worn during the parade only and the student must be able to see out of the mask.

· Costumes may not be gruesome or represent death, killing or violence of any kind. We have many students with special needs who are especially sensitive to scary costumes.

· No weapons are allowed with the costume. No blood representation will be allowed.

· Costumes should be age appropriate.

· Children will need to wear their costumes to school over their clothes. They may not wear their costumes all day.

****If you do not wish to celebrate Halloween, we will have fall activities in the Library****

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