Top 2 International Rock Festivals

Two of the best international rock festivals that you should attend at least once in your life time are the Glastonbury Festival and the Roskilde Festival. Beyond the music, these rock festivals have also become famous for other forms of entertainment including comedy and sports that occur parallel to the music.

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1. Glastonbury Festival

Michael Eaves in Pilton Somerset, England founded the Glastonbury Festival in 1970. The festival has evolved quite a lot, as you can imagine, over the last half a century.

Initially called the Pilton Pop, Blues and Folk Festival, the Glastonbury Festival is currently the largest greenfield or up-country festival in the world. It is amazing, if you think about it, that a quiet, upcountry farming venue has become synonymous with the greatest and most popular artists in the world.

The festival takes place over a period of five days, hosts a very wide variety of music and other acts such as comedy and other performing arts like dance.

The Glastonbury Festival offers tents and vans as suitable accommodation for the festival attendees who cannot find accommodation near the festival grounds.

2. Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival is the largest festival in Northern Europe and amongst the largest in Europe. The festival has deep roots having begun in 1971, founded by 2 high school students and an event promoter in Roskilde, Denmark.

In 1972 the festival began to run as a not for profit organization under the management of the Roskilde Foundation that seeks to support and develop humanism, culture and music. Currently the foundation asks the participants to vote for charity organizations that they feel deserve to receive the profits made from the festival through a donation.

The Roskilde Festival has had many faces through its 50 years of existence. The festival has evolved from a hippie festival at its inception to embrace current generation’s tastes in music. The festival on average hosts over 180 bands, over 3000 artists, 26,000 volunteers and media people and about 130,000 attendees to enjoy the festival.

The festival takes place over a period of 4 days every year in the month of June or July. The festival currently hosts bands from different genres including, rock, hip hop, EDM, electronica, urban world music and even up and coming Nordic acts.

The music is performed on at least 9 different stages the largest of which can hold a capacity of over 60,000 attendees while the smallest can hold about 1,000 attendees.

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