Heart Attack

And how to perform CPR

Definition of heart attack

When blood vessels is blocked by cholesterol or a broken blood vessel and surrounding heart muscle dies.

Definition of CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; helping someones heart breath and restart the circulation of their blood.

How is a heart attack caused?

Blood supply to the heart muscle is blocked off or interrupted,leading to damage of the heart muscle.

Signs and symptoms in men

Hands only CPR

  1. Tap and shout
  2. call 911
  3. check for normal breathing
  4. start sequence of CPR

Rescue breaths

  1. Tilt head back and lift chin
  2. pinch nose shut
  3. cup hand around mouth
  4. blow in for about one minute
  5. give one rescue breath one after another

Do not stop CPR unless...

  1. obvious signs of life (breathing)
  2. AED is ready to use
  3. Trained responders or EMS personnel takes over
  4. too exhausted to continue
  5. scene becomes unsafe