Survival Tips!

By William Fang

So you, umm..don't...uhh..die, look at these 10 tips!

1. As obvious as it seems, FIND A SOURCE OF WATER. It's vital to your health. If you aren't sure of your water source, boil the water to clean it. That leads us to..

2. Make a fire. Fire not only keeps you warm and provides a heat source, but it also wards off animals.

3. Be resourceful. Take inventory of what you have. You're not going to get something designed for exactly what you need freshly rolled off of a factory conveyor belt, so use what you have.

4. Although you might think an injury is just a minor nuisance, treat them immediately. They can be infected, and will be very harmful to your chance to surviving.

5. Make a shelter. You can only go so long before the elements start to render you functionless.

6. However long you think you can go without food, it's probably a bad estimate. It doesn't matter if you're still alive, because hunger will cause you to start losing the ability to properly perform tasks.

7. Find a way to signal possible rescuers. The typical shining light off of a smooth surface often doesn't work as it needs you to have enough light to do so, while also being an unreliable way.

8. Prepare for the worst. As most people say, "Think positive. The people who say that they are going to win or lose are usually right." But no one ever died from worrying. They thought ahead and planned for the scenario in which would cause them to use those things.

9. Keep calm. Trauma and fear will override you, and you have to push through that. Keep your emotions in check. The worst thing that could happen to you is that you panic and cause yourself to become in an even worse situation you already are.

10. Attitude is everything. Stay hopeful. Even if no one comes and finds you, keep believing that you will survive, because again, the people that predict (and believe) their outcome are usually right.

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