Confessions the Murder of an Angel

By Jessica Le

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

How many times you escape death before it finds you again? Accidents, imagination, coincidence they all add up to death. Will anyone save her or will it be too



Tandy Angel thinks she is losing her mind as she's forced to fight for the family company. Tandy Angel is murder case detective as she solves the recent cases she finds herself solving her own murder case. Death for Tandy Angel in near slowly creeping closer to her. Will this unknown murder ever end this murdering massacre? She can trust no one, not even her own doctor. There is nowhere to hide ,every shadow lurks crime,murder, secrets. Will Tandy escape this mystery alive? First, a close call car accident . Then Tandy is murdered or so she thinks. Lastly, an unexpected stalker, is someone really out to kill her?No one will believe she is in danger until it's too late.


"...the shock of narrowly missed an accident wouldn't fade."

"...I was the best lacrosse player at All Saints, and next I woke up in the hospital with fifty stitches in my foot and leg."

" I have to admit that by the point I had already become obsessed with solving my parents' murders."

" I trusted you more than anyone else in the world, and you betrayed me completely."

" heart flailing in terror."

Product details

Pages- 1-275

Publisher- Hachette Book group

Age Range-11 and older

Grade level- 6th grade and up


If you are deeply obsessed with this book I recommend you check out the other books in the Confession series. For example, Confessions:The Paris Mysteries ,Confessions:The Private Schools Murder , Confessions: Of a Murder suspect. I hope you enjoy these books as much as you enjoyed Confessions the Murder of an Angel.


If I were to rate this book I would say 9/10 because this book keeps you at the end of your seat. I believe this book ends the series very dramatically. This book gives you curiosity , making you ask questions in your head. For example,"Who could this murder be?'' "why does He/She want to kill Tandy?""Is Tandy in the way of Him/Her evil scheme?"As you can see the book keeps making question in your mind that your so intrigued you don't want to put the book down.