Red Fox

By: Chase Glotfelty


Live in diverse habitats including grasslands, mountains, and desserts. They also adapt well to farms, suburban areas, and even large communities.




The Red Fox is related to dogs, foxes, jackals, wolves, and coyotes

What they eat

Red foxes are omnivores, and they mostly eat rodents, insects, eastern cottontail rabbits, carrion, birds, and fruit.


Foxes are very solitary animals, and they do not form packs, like wolves. The Red Fox are cooperative breeders who breed seasonally. Each litter of pups varies with a maximum of 13 pups and a minimum of 1 pup, and the average number of pups per liter is 5.
two baby red fox

How they move

They run with paws

How big they are

A Red Fox can range from 24.06 to 30.84 pounds, and they can from 35.43 to 24.76 inches long.