Best And Worst of 2015

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Three companies marketed themselves the best

1. Adidas marketed themselves strongly in 2015. They partnered up with Celebrity, Kanye West to create the new "Yeezy Season 2" and have buyers flock into their market. Adidas is now finally starting to pose some competition on Nike.

2. Supreme also marketed themselves well in 2015. The street wear brand unveiled their new collections in the summer and winter resulting in instant sellouts during their releases. They had collaborations with large brands such as "Jordan" and "North face" to create more buyer hype for their products. The brand has been keeping up in the street wear competition and has growing market of young people heading into 2016.

3. Lastly, Apple took front and center in the technology market during 2015. They unveiled their new Apple watch and IPhone 6s with a skyrocket of success for both items. Apple also made sleek and clean ads for TV and the internet to keep customers wanting to choose apple instead of other companies.

Best products of 2015

1. Hover board

2. IPhone 6s

Worst products of 2015

1. LG G4

2. Jordan 1 "bred" low

Top Movies that were marketed

Star Wars "The Force Awakens" was marketed very well in 2015. The creators also built up fan hype over the course of 2015 by releasing little trailers for the fans. They also released a line of products based of the movie to stretch their market. Disney also made sure that Star Wars was the most popular movie by putting their actors on Tv interviews and shows.

Creed was also marketed well in 2015. They brought in fan favorite actor of the previous movies Sylvester Stallone. This brought in many old fans of the Rocky movies to be interested in Creed. They also stormed social media and video platforms with trailers and clips of their movie to create publicity.

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Top Music Artist of 2015

Jack U created a new market of edm listeners this year. They sold many tracks by working with famous artists such as Justin Bieber. This aloud them to bring their music into the mainstream and gain bigger market of fans to sell more tracks.

Justin Bieber was very successful in the music market this year in 2015. He released his new album "Purpose" which hit the charts, and also started to create a new image of himself to fans and the market. His new songs were made to relate to all listeners and his catchy tunes brought everyone listening.

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Top Ten Songs of 2015

1. Hotline Bling by Drake

2. What do you mean by Justin Bieber

3. Hello by Adele

4. Lean on by Major Lazer

5. Trap queen by Fetty Wap

New years Resolution

Personal Improvement- Eat healthier foods on daily basis.

Family and Friends- Spend more time out with my family on the weekends.

School and the Other World- Maintain a good gpa and score above average on the SAT.