Health Triangle

What do you hope to accomplish during highschool?

In highschool, I hope to get top 10% in all of my classes and expand my knowledge in engineering.

What do you see yourself doing after highschool?

I see myself getting a job and starting university after highschool.

What do you hope your life will be like in your '20s?

By 23 I hope I will have a job/ career and after that i will work and enjoy life by partying.

3 things you can do to improve your health?

First, I can start by excercising daily. Second, I can eat right, and third, I can start to catch-up on my sleep.

At home i like to......

Play video games and watch T.V

At school i ike to.......

Socialize with friends and expand my knowledge.

People I like to hangout with.....

I like to hangout with people that like to play video games and like to go biking.

I am good at....

I am good at math, science, and playing video games.

A quality I like about myself and that i'd change?

A quality that I like about myself is picking up things easily and quickly. A quality that i'd change is how I take long to solve problems.

Something new i'd like to try?

Something new i'd like to try is to go hunting and scuba diving.

What do you feel like are positives and negtives on your health today?

I feel like not eating right and not excercising as much are the main negatives on my health, but socializing and bieng studious are the positives.