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July 2014


I so look forward to creating this newsletter every month as it gives me an opportunity to celebrate your awesome achievements as you all work towards continuing to create fun filled fabulous businesses, however big or small. We've had such a fanatics month with the highlight being the launch of the new collection. I've seen 12 previous collections and without a doubt this is the most gorgeous of them all. I am repeatedly amazed and in awe of how Blythe and her team create such beauty in such an affordable range of jewels and accessories and we must have the best jobs in the world to be able to share this beauty with others.

and so who shared a lot with a lot in July?

Well in the top 25 of the whole country we had a sparkling Dazzler presence. In 3rd place was the gorgeous Elise Heptinstall-Holmes, in 5th place the lovely Catherine Dyke-Price , in 11th the loveliness that is Bernie Moss -Collins ( do you think it helps to have a double barrelled name !, in 12th the one to watch Anna Dark, in 14th the very talented Rebecca Tombs, in 17th place the live wire that is Fiona Parry, in 19th place the fabulous Beth Hammond and in 21st place the very new but uber fab Harriet Bush. So with me in the group as well that makes 9 Dazzlers in the top 25 in the county Drum roll I think !!!

and that's not all

I also looked at the overall top 10 in sales for the whole of this year to date and we are very successfully represented in that illustrious group as well. Without blowing my own trumpet I am holding onto the number one spot and in

6th place is Elise H-H,

in 8th is Catherine D-P and in

10th is Sarah Jacobs

again outstanding xxxxxxxxx Hoopla sees these gals on the stage so lets will them on xxxxx

food for thought

so take aways from the new collections

Blythe's top tips

It seems to me that in your group hello you will need to focus on the styling part in 4 looks for autumn. Blythe has said that essentially the looks that are hot are

Pop of Colour


Delicate Pave Geometrics

Make it your own

so using the look book and the samples you have you might like to talk it up something like this

"so what I can share for you this season is that colour continues to be a huge trend and again you can blend or clash depending on your mood, personality or sheer bravery. The pop geo range is perfect for this and will work over plains, stripes and colour. If you want to introduce colour but slightly more subtly then choose the new Union Square scarf as Hot pink is totally where its at. Black and white will figure in all the major retails in geometric stripes and out new Madison bag and tech wallet bring this right up to speed. For sheer wearability then you should consider the Fanelle Statement necklace. Its one of our more highly priced piece so a great reason to host a show but this is the necklace that will work with everything and anything.

Moving onto the most beautiful Embellishment trend we have captured this in all its glory featuring the colour pallet of our designs on pewter, nude, pink and bronze and soft sheen metallic. Its stunning, classic, sophisticated and glam. Life starts for you on page 53 of the look book and the colours of the season are beautifully brought together with the must have capri pouch.

One buzz word in the jewellery world is pave and this you can find worked in delicate rose and gold pieces. Pave is a fine jewellery technique and the stones are hand set. Layer for a continued nod to fashion or wear on their own to make a beautiful delicate statement. Finally this is the season of the unique boutique. We have the most unusual and stunning collection of charm necklaces and bracelets all of which you can personalise as a gift for yourself or for someone you love. Each charm has a meaning and you can totally bespoke what you feel about the person my creating them their very now piece. This is a true show of affection, thought and love

so whats my focus

book sell sponsor

august is a fun time too wear the jewels talk to people and instead of trying to have properly dated and organised trunk shows, go for the more casual approach with friends and family. If you're going to a picnic take the jewels, have a party in the garden with the kids and the jewels ( not together) and if you know frieda are going away on hen weekends or away with the girls pack them off with jewels to wear and lend and order forms for the friends. That way you have a virtual show happening and you're not even there. Start to book into the autumn too. When people say gosh that's a long way off I say , it certainly is but hypothetically what evening might work best for you, when they say a wednesday my reply is well there's only 4 wended ays in october so we really ought to pencil one in for you now!!

Get familiar with the new collection and practise your trunk show styling. That what gets the show going, never assume that they won't want somme styling tips, they WILL

and finally who do you know that ought to look at the busyness, who have you met that thou can phone and share it with. The new management step of Associate Stylist is happening on september 1st and this is such a fun valuable spot to get to. You earn coaching commissions and you will be recognition by Home office and more importantly your Dazzler leaders. In fact we have a special promotional gift for you when you promote to Associate Stylist and beyond. Curious as to what it is, well contact your upline star and they will surely share with you !!!!!!!!


Friday, Sep. 12th, 3pm

Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom

you have to be there. This will be undoubtedly the very best, most fun, interesting uplifting informative, motivational and emotional three days you will ever have spent in the company of Jessica and Blythe, Danielle and the home office team and 600 of your fellow stylist. It's an investment not just in your business but in your life! 400 tickets are sold and they have less than 200 left so thou need to get in very quick. there will be an all Dazzler reception on the friday night (details of which will follow on the dazzler facebook page) and get ready to laugh, cry, hug and wear jewels,, who rules the world, gals rule the world x

Heart of Leadership at Associate Director level Sarah Jacobs

as always this is what i did in July

total personal sales £5539

personal income £1370

no of shows6

coaching commissions £3152

total income £4388

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