No More Touching Dirty Dishes!

A dishwasher worth buying

Josephine Cochrane

She was the first female lady to create an most wonderful thing in the world that is so helpful to others. Also Josephine Cochran believed that if you want something done right you better do it yourself. But when it came time to doing the dishes, she really didn’t want to, so she invented a machine to wash them for her. In 1893 Cochrane convinced restaurants at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago to use her invention, and it was an exhibit in Machinery Hall. That success led to her opening her own factory in an abandoned schoolhouse. Her customers extended to hospitals and colleges for whom the sanitizing effects of the hot water rinse were important. Homemakers finally started using it, too.

Joel Houghton

He was the male to try a dishwasher to clean your dishes for you. He created a small, crank-operated machine that was built from wood. When cranked, water would make its way through the wood plumbing and spray over the dishes.

Why dishwashers are helpful?

It is helpful to clean dishes when you can’t wash also you can take it to restaurants, houses, stores. Also after a long tired day

When will it benefit you the most? When might it be handy?

It will benefit me the most for important things like when there is a lot of people coming somewhere and you dont have any dishes for them to eat out of and you d0nt want to spend money on paper plates just because you dont have enough time to clean them.

What does it do?

Dishwashers are responsible for unloading the dishes and orderly in the lines and loading them into dish trays. The trays are then placed into the commercial washers and blasted with scalding hot water.

Why it is important? How might it change your life?

It might change my life by making it easier on me to be able to get things cleaner. Also it is important to most people because most of them don’t know how to wash dishes which they should do.


What I learned about the invention well first thing is that it's hard to find everything. Also the dishwashers have changed since the 1800's. First they were portable now there just built in your home or apartment. But then the thing is tho I kind of did like the this invention because you get learn about what happen to dishwasher back then.

One effect from back then that it had on people was that they had to wash by hand. Now the future is that most people use dish washers to help them in advance get things done quicker. It will be more effective because people see others doing it then they would want to do the same as well. Also many things have changed since then and some things are still here and havent changed which is kind of cool.


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