Harding High School

Trauma Informed Newsletter- February 2016 Edition

Emotional Self-Regulation for Adults: The capacity to effectively manage your emotions and behaviors in a variety of situations and environments.

Strategies to increase your ability to Self-Regulate:

  1. Be aware of your emotional triggers
  2. Connect your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (State of Mind circle)
  3. Understanding your personal response to triggers (Fight, Flight, Free)
  4. De-personalize the situation - it's NOT about you.
  5. Replace the thought of: "Why is he/she doing this to me" with "What must have happened in his/her life that he is responding this way"
  6. This is very difficult to do - it takes a lot of practice!
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"Between stiumulus and response there is space, and in that space lies our power and freedom."
~Viktor Frankel "Man's Search for Meaning"
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Next month's topic: How to help our students self-regulate...