Stars and Stripes

the organization taking care of tigers since 1972

Tigers Are PEOPLE To


Stars and Stripes is a organization dedicated to saving the tigers from extinction. We came to be in 1972 we are over 40 years old and we are still the same family run organization that are still trying to get people to notice how important tigers really are to us.

We are in a variety of different countries protecting many species “Our great grandfathers are our heros” says Connor and Parker the great grandsons of the founders. They hope to do a better job than their fathers when they let the Bali,Javan,and the Caspian tigers go extinct,and the south chinese tiger go extinct in the wild.

Our great grandfathers started this organization because they saw a poacher carrying a dead tiger for its pelt and they felt bad for the tiger and wanted to do something about it. “We’re glad they did you would be surprised how much fun and care it takes for these tiger” says Connor “by the end of the day we’re exhausted” adds Parker.

One of our tigers;Jasmine just had a baby and all of our attention are on them we have a lack of staff and funds and we are looking for brave people to help us with the tigers they are all very nice and don’t bite ecassionaly. You will fit in to the family and will be taken care of in the country you choose to go.

So there is our history click the link below to volunteer and donate your money please the tigers could use some new toys show your support.

By the founders of Stars and Stripes

Connor Huggins and Parker Collins

Mission statement

Every tiger should be healthy,loved,cared for,and living


How many tigers have you saved so far? Over 1,000 tigers

Where are you located? Were ever tigers live

How many staff members do you have? 15

Where is your headquarters? Anchorage, Alaska

Do tigers like to swim in water? yes