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Hollywood Celebrity Secret to Look and Feel Sexy?

My friends,

I know we all like to have good energy, clear skin, healthy and fit body! With a desire to find the "secret" ingredient to look and feel amazing, I have spent the last several months to talk to doctors, celebrity nutritionists in New York, LA, and traditional Chinese medicine doctors from Taiwan. One thing I have learned from this experience is, energy and beauty comes from inside- from the food we put inside our bodies, and the state of mind we allow ourselves to be in.

Today, you are among the first group of healthy lifestyle elites in China to learn about our Nutritional Juice Cleanse Program. Welcome, and I hope you will experience the amazing benefits that many Hollywood celebrities are enjoying today.

I invite you to join us to renew and rejuvenate your best self today - an investment worth making!


Nutritional Juicse Cleanse

Why do we cleanse?

As the result of the pollutants in the air and chemicals in the food and water we consume, the body accumulates 'toxins'. Every once in while the body needs to rid itself of these toxins.

Benefits of Cleansing

Our nutritional juice cleanse will gently rid your body of impurities, regain an alkaline balance and normalize digestion and metabolism. More frequent cleansing will also strengthen immune system, improve your energy, fight off disease, reduce inflammation, and slow aging.

How to Cleanse?

For 3 days, each day you drink 6 bottles of nutritious drinks we prepared using the finest, all-natural fruits and vegetables, on the most advanced juicers (not the typical ones you see in other juice shops in China).

Each bottle contains 1.5kg of fresh produce, and that's more than 9kg of raw, living "beauty enzyme" to nourish your body!

Happy Side Effects:

Better Energy and Skin

Amazing Feel and Look!

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We only use natural, fresh ingredients, and nothing else.

All of our juices are made with carefully selected fruits and vegetables to ensure the freshest taste possible.

We add no water, no sugar, no preservatives or any chemicals to our juices; only 100% deliciously natural fruit and vegetable juices go into each bottle. That's also why we can only keep the juices for 3 days to ensure you will have the raw, living nutrients.

A: 3 Day Cleanse Foundation Level

Classic 3 day Cleanse, 18 bottle of our nutritional juices.

RMB 980

B: Rejuvenate & Indulgence Package

  • Classic 3 day Cleanse, 18 bottles of our nutritional juices.
  • Pre-cleanse consultation with our nutritionist
  • 1 lymphatic drainage massage at our partner SPA during detox
  • Post-cleanse premium supplements recommended by our American nutritionist
  • Email and weChat support with personal nutritional advice

RMB 3,500

C: Wellness Concierge

  • Custom designed healthy living solutions
  • 24/7, Global support with designated health coach
  • Details upon request

To order your cleanse plan:

Call: 186 2151 3656