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Lakeview Family Newsletter - February 8

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Kindness Week

We've had a great week full of kindness at Lakeview! Honestly, our students demonstrate kindness every day of the year in so many ways. But in today's world, it is worth focusing on these character traits to raise awareness. At Lakeview, we truly believe that "Who you are is just as important as what you know." Our kindness chain has made visible the invisible acts that happen all day long within our walls. Our coin war has made visible the way we can reach out to those in need beyond our borders. The final total is not in yet, but we raised over $1000 for a health clinic in Liberia, Africa. Please keep talking about kindness at home.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, February 12

Field trip for grades 3-5 is CANCELLED. (Students were scheduled to attend a music performance at the high school.)

Thursday, February 14

PTO Meeting 7-8 p.m. in the Lakeview library

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

Ice Cream Social/Art Show/Book Fair - Thursday, February 21 from 5-7 p.m.

Scholastic Book Fair - February 27 & 28 during conferences from 4-7 p.m.

Rollaero Family Skate Night - Thursday, March 21 from 5-7 p.m.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is next week Thursday, February 14. That is always an exciting day. Here is my suggestion as a principal and as a parent - simple is best. If you want to put candy in a bag along with the typical cards that students share, that is easy to distribute in a classroom. It is much harder to distribute bakery-type products. We also have a policy in SDSM that homemade treats are not allowed in school.

Lakeview Bookroom

There is a room that most parents, families, and even our students don't know about at Lakeview, but it is essential to our work as elementary educators. It is the bookroom. This is where we keep the books that our teachers use to actually teach reading, and since reading and literacy forms the basis of much of our work, you can imagine how important this collection is to us. When a teacher pulls a small group of students together to teach specific strategies, she/he carefully chooses a book that matches the student's instructional level, the strategies needed, and the student's interest. Due to the special purpose of these books, they are not part of our school library or classroom libraries.

Why might this be important to our families? Because recently, we completely upgraded our teacher bookroom. We want you - our families - to know that your students now have high-quality resources, which can be used by our very high-quality teachers, from which to learn.

This upgrade did not come easily or free. We would like to thank the Lakeview PTO for donating funds to go along with funding from our building budget and the school district.

But we need YOU - 30 minutes of reading at home. Every day. If you want the doors to your child's future to be open as wide as possible, prioritize reading at home. You will see some of our new books coming home. Please be sure to return them the next day.

Superintendent Search Meeting

If you grew up as a student in South Milwaukee, you may have had Dr. Rita Olson as a teacher at some point. We are grateful for Dr. Olson's many years of service to the district, and her leadership is recognized throughout the area. At the end of June, Dr. Olson will retire. As part of the process to find a new superintendent, the school board will hold a listening session on Tuesday, February 12, from 5:30-6:45 in the board room at the high school. Any SM parent or community member is welcome to attend and provide input. Click this link for more information.

Homework Help for Math

The next homework help session for math is coming up on February 18. Although it is in the Rawosn library, it is open to any family in the district. See this link for more details and the specific topics for this month's session.

New Visitor Management System

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding about our new Raptor Visitor Management System. We value your patience and understanding as we continue to ensure student safety. Perhaps the most common issue has been when visitors forget to bring a driver's license with them to the school office. Sometimes people leave their ID at home or in the car. We need each visitor to present a state-issued ID in the office. The first time you visit takes a few extra seconds - after your first visit, the process is a little faster.

Digital Citizenship Update for February

Companies market their products, many of which are designed as internet connected appliances or toys. It is easy to get caught up in the “awesomeness” of a new toy, device or appliance. How do these raise concerns about privacy for us or for our children? How do some devices gather information such as geolocation or digital pictures of our children. The following article highlights some ideas to consider: New Research Raises Privacy Concerns for Young Kids' and Families' Media Use.