Is Anime suitable for the Kids or not?

What is Anime?

The word anime is a short form of the word animation and it means all types of animations made in Japan. Anime is pronounced as Ah-knee-me. These kinds of animations exist in the Japanese comic books known as Manga. The anime is a hand-drawn art of animation and the characters have typically big eyes, long hairs and pointed sharp chins. Some fifty years ago anime was confined only to Japan, but presently this form of animation has reached the doorsteps of the entire world. It has immensely gained in popularity among the viewers, both old and young, not to mention the kids. Nowadays a huge number of video games are being made based on the characters in anime series and these games are a hot favorite to each section of the society.

Is Anime suitable for the kids?

Whether anime is suitable for the kids is a very controversial topic. Anime are cartoons that are targeted for several different age groups, some are for the kids, some for the young generations, some for the older community, even some are meant for adult viewing. Some anime are tragic, i.e. they don’t have happy endings, and even the hero sometimes dies. Obviously, the kids won’t like their heroes to perish as they are basically fun loving creatures. Also some of the anime are violent in nature like Naruto. What will the kids learn seeing these types of cartoons? They will get trained in violence and they will become destructive in nature.

Even some anime shows are completely sex oriented like Queens Blade.The female characters have so much exaggerated sexual features that it detrimental for even the young generations to view. It evokes great interest among the adult viewers worldwidefor its nudity. Fortunately, the anime shows have ratings and these act as guidelines that will help every parent to block their kids to see these sexually oriented cartoons.

Online viewing of Anime cartoons:

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