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Learn Computer Programming Skills

Computer Science is a rapidly growing field of opportunity. Most students are fascinated with the idea of learning how to make a video game, computer program, or a website. With so much available involving technology, there are not enough people in computer science to meet the need. Scratch is the programming language we will be using. With it, students can create presentations, animations, and designs by telling Scratch what to do. I will be working with students during "tech time" to get them started on their journey.

Here is the Catch...

To use Scratch, students under 13 cannot use their own email address. Scratch requires a parent email address. Please allow your child to use your email address so that they can participate in this exciting opportunity. Take a look at the privacy policy below for more information.
Scratch: Parent Permission and Offline Version Installation

For Students That Want to Get Started

Scratch: An Introduction for Students

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