An Interview With Mrs.Findley

By:Kacie Howard

Mrs.Findley's Rise to Success

Mrs. Findley attended the University of Texas at Arlington. She graduated with a History degree. Mrs. Findley has taught Geography and World History.

Mrs.Findley's Career

Mrs.Findley teaches 9th grade now, but has taught 10th and 11th graders in a college credit course. She has taught Geography and World History. Mrs. Findley has a very organized classroom. She has the students sit in groups or rows to complete to discuss assignments. She puts in about 55 hours, including the school day, each week. Her biggest challenge is creating a boring lesson into something students will enjoy. Mrs. Findley says the biggest reward is "seeing a student struggle and then improving." She says on a scale from 1-10, you need a 10 for self motivation.