Birthday Party

Let's celebrate for Cutie Erin!

Work all days,party all nights.

This is how I live my life.
My birthday is coming,I will hold a fantastic party for sure!
I am pleasure to invite all my friends to join my birthday party :)

Erin's 19 celeration

Monday, June 29th, 6:30pm

170a Drury Lane


  • Please dress deep blue clothes as dress code.
  • Each person need to show this invitation for enter ticket.
  • People enter without tickets need to pay NT$200 for extra fee.
  • Provide food,drinks,alcohol,music.

Dancing competition!

This party also has a dancing competition.

Two people as a team,which wins the competition can gain a special present from me!

So start to find your partner and design the dancing harder.

Contact information

If you have any questions....