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The Nursing Team believe a healthy body and healthy mind are essential parts to learning

The Nursing Team performs mandated screenings, manages immunization compliance, and helps connect children with outside resources as necessary.

Immunization Requirements

We strongly encourage you to make sure your child's vaccine records are up to date with their school.

Please send the school nurse a copy of their vaccination record if you have not done so already.

You can upload forms here

If your child isn’t up to date on their shots, you’ll have five days from the start of school to:

  • Get the next required dose.
  • Provide a medical plan to get fully up to date

A child may have a documented medical, religious, or philosophical exemption for these vaccines. Even if exempt, a child may be excluded from school during an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.

Your child must have at least the first dose of the following vaccines on the first day of school.

For all grades

4 Doses of Tetanus, diptheria, pertussis (DTP/Dtap/DT/Td, or Tdap*) 1 dose at/after age 4

* Only three doses of Td-containing vaccine are necessary if series is started at or after age 7 and at least one dose is Tdap.

4 Doses of Polio (OPV/IPV**) 4th dose at/after age 4, & at least 6 months after previous dose.

** A fourth dose is not necessary if the third dose was given at age 4 or older and at least six months after the previous dose.

2 Doses of Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR/MMRV) At/after age 1

3 Doses of Hepatitis B (HBV)

2 Doses of Chickenpox (Varicella/MMRV) At/after age 1

To start seventh grade

1 Dose of Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4). At/after age 2

1 Dose of Tetanus, diptheria, pertussis (Tdap). At/after age 7

To start 12th grade

2 Total Doses of Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4)

If first dose given at age 16 or older, only one dose is needed to enter 12th grade

Click link below for immunization assistance from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Get Vaccinated if you do not have health insurance

You can schedule an appointment online with a local CVS pharmacy here

Medication in School

Many students have a medical condition that requires them to take medication during the school day regularly or for a short period of time. The school nurse can give these medications and watch for any side effects or other complaints.

The school nurse will need a MED 1 form completed by the medical provider and signed by the parent before any medication/ treatment can be given at school. Medication orders are required for both prescription as well as over-the-counter medications.

All medication brought to school must have a pharmacy prescription label. This label must include the student's name, the medication name, and the instructions for administration.

Children with diabetes, asthma, seizures, severe allergies or any other medical condition that might be life-threatening and who have emergency medications from their doctors should have access to the emergency medication both at home and school.

Physicians and parents can decide together if the child is ready to carry their emergency medication (such as an inhaler) or if it should be stored in the nurse’s office.

The school nurse cannot give any medicine that is expired.

At the end of the school year, you will be asked to pick-up extra medicine. The school nurse will throw out any medicine left in the clinic at the end of the school year.

Click Here for a MED 1 form

Physical and Dental Requirements

  • State law mandates that a completed Physical and Dental examination is required PRIOR to school entry.

  • An updated physical is required for grades 6 and 11.

  • An updated dental is required for grades 3 and 7

  • All forms are valid for up to one year prior to the date of entry.

Blank forms are below:

Physical Exam Form

Dental Exam Form

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