Dia de los Muertos

Day of the dead - by Ivory Tang

Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a way to remember friends or loved ones who have passed away. This holiday is mainly celebrated throughout the Hispanic countries, particularly Mexico. This tradition has been modified in many ways, but there is still an alter for the remembered one and is decorated with food, water, light, and madrigals. Hispanics believed that if they remembered the loved one, then they could come back to life.

Why does it need to be celebrated more?

Day of the dead is more than just celebrating, it's to remember family, friends and other special people. Instead of mourning for the losses in life, there's a way to celebrate it. This is the holiday too. So, instead of mourning and moping around, come out to celebrate Day of the Dead! This ,also, holiday is to also get together and know each other. There is a big celebration in Hispanic towns, and there can be one in your local neighborhood to! This celebration is when a lot of people get together and get to know one another while celebrating their beloved ones. Also, if your family is having a little trouble getting together or is mourning for a loved one, then this holiday is the perfect one to celebrate. Day of the Dead is a perfect way to bring a family together. It can ¨slow¨ life down and let families and friends come together and have fun. Sometimes, everyone needs a little break!